Chris Perez

Co-Founder/ Creative Director

After a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and Mathematics from Austin College, a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and nine years as a hardware engineer at IBM, Chris began a career path that combined his analytical thinking with his passion for art. He independently launched Austin’s first digital magazine, Citygram Austin, which became the foundation on which Left Right Media was built.

Chris’ experience in graphic design and photography guides the projects and inspiration behind the work of Left Right. His ability to cultivate talent set the stage for a company that achieves its best work through creative collaboration.

Chris has been widely recognized for his many accomplishments and has spoken at Adobe MAX, Parson’s New School of Design, The University of Texas, and Texas State University.

Olivia Leitch

Art Director/ Web Developer

Olivia is a natural artist. She has an eye for inspiration and the talent to translate her discoveries into wow-factors with every project. As the Art Director for Citygram Austin and TRIBEZA Magazine, Olivia made stories jump off the page with her unique aesthetic. As a teacher, Olivia works with our clients on software training and project maintenance. A traveler and lover of interior design, Olivia draws inspiration from her many adventures.

Olivia joined Left Right Media after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Journalism, Certificate in Digital Arts and Media and a Minor in French. While growing up in New York, Olivia dreamed of being an architect, and now builds on digital platforms with precision and seamless function. She is a brilliantly creative problem-solver, and brings ideas and wireframes to life with code.

Becca Chavoya

Business Development/ Designer

Becca is an experienced content creator specializing in graphic design, copywriting, and social media strategy. While earning a bachelor of journalism with a magazine focus at the University of Texas, she co-founded the successful campus student magazine Orange. Her experience at Main Street Hub led Becca to develop project management skills that serve her role in client relationships and business development with Left Right Media.

Her experience as a content specialist and her natural talent in design has led her to excel at creating and executing advertising concepts with our clients through an organized workflow, impactful design and concise copywriting.

As a project manager, Becca works with clients to make sure that their projects are on-schedule and progressing efficiently by facilitating clear communication between the client and the rest of the team, even during extremely quick turnarounds.

Becca has an entrepreneurial spirit, is detail oriented, ambitious, and has a talent for unlocking the potential of projects and demonstrating how design can impact and influence our surroundings and interactions. She applies these skills to place-making in the hotel and multifamily residence sector, where the need for compelling branding and engaging stories continues to grow.

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