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Left Right Media is a branding and marketing agency in Austin, Texas, founded in 2014.

The firm specializes in branding and positioning, visual identity, web development, and digital marketing. Our diverse backgrounds and experience provide us with a rare formula for producing engaging storytelling and delivering transformational results.

Chris Perez

CEO and
Creative Director

After a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and Mathematics from Austin College, a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, and nine years experience as an electrical engineer at IBM, Chris began a career path that combined his analytical thinking with his passion for art. He independently launched Austin’s first digital magazine, Citygram Austin (the foundation on which Left Right Media was built), and is driven by defining differentiators for our clients through branding and design.

Chris has a natural ability to cultivate talent and believes in the power of diversity and creative collaboration to make unique work that creates results. As an avid reader and networker, Chris is a great resource for our clients on not just where the market is, but where it’s going to be next. Chris has been widely recognized for his many accomplishments and his dedication to teaching and mentorship. He has spoken at Adobe MAX, Parson’s New School of Design, The University of Texas, Texas State University, and is a brand mentor for The Founder Institute.

Empowering design with technology is what makes him Left Right.

Becca Chavoya

Account Manager / Sr. Copywriter

Becca’s management experience in the startup space and her degree in journalism from the University of Texas (where she co-founded the successful student digital magazine Orange), make her an incredible account manager and listener for our clients. Becca makes sure all of our projects progress efficiently and on-schedule by facilitating clear communication, even during extremely quick turnarounds.

Possessing an entrepreneurial spirit and a true love for great advertising, Becca is driven to push the boundaries of our client’s success with marketing concepts that combine impactful design with concise, effective copy. She is always seeking to find words that not only have meaning but a rhythm.

Efficient project management and compelling copywriting are what make her Left Right.

Annette Morales

Lead Designer

Annette’s background as an interior designer and education from The Art Institute of Austin gives her a unique lens for graphic design. She has a keen understanding of form, balance, and color that allows her to craft beautiful, yet functional designs in every application. From digital design (custom illustrations, animations, and websites) to physical design (print materials and hand-made paper prototypes) — Annette can do it all.

Annette finds inspiration in the calming, neutral spaces of Scandinavian interior design and the modern simplicity of Australian architecture. She’s also an avid painter, taking cues from the abstract and expressionist eras. Her eyes are always open to the world around her, which means she finds inspiration in every place she visits. Her unbound creativity brings a level of artistry to every project she takes on.

Design precision and artistic expression are what make her Left Right.

Grant Glenewinkel

Lead Developer

With over six years experience as a front-end developer for businesses small and large, Grant designs websites for scalability of ease of use. Grant’s exacting development approach can be seen from front-end responsiveness of the design, to the back-end coding infrastructre – you’ll never catch him cutting corners.

Grant is extremely imaginative—which allows him to bring his clients’ designs to life in delightful, unexpected ways. His work is the perfect blend of form and function. In 2015, he won an Addy award for his work with Visit Salt Lake’s campaign, There’s Nothing to Do in Salt Lake.

Grant is endlessly inspired by film and photography, and his love for composition and form influences his work as a web designer.

Clever web development and creative problem-solving is what makes him Left Right.

Kayla Moses

Content Marketing Director

Kayla is a strategic marketing professional with over four years of experience in holistic digital brand management. She combines a strong foundation in copywriting with an expertise in paid media, social media consulting, and digital strategy.

Kayla is passionate about building audiences around the clients she manages and serves. As a seasoned marketing manager and brand planner, she knows the secret to growth lies within the mix of great branding and data insights.

Working collaboratively with our design and development team, Kayla is able to ensure that our developed content strategies and campaigns are optimized for impact and conversion across all channels (print, social, email, and web).

Client advocacy and focused content strategy make her Left Right.

Michael Giannini

Software Engineer

Mike is a software developer with an expertise in Javascript (ES6) and specializes in creating concise data structures for development of web applications. At Left Right Media, he works on custom integrations for his clients to connect to the many platforms and softwares that are needed for modern marketing frameworks.

Mike uses his instincts as a consumer to create seamless user experiences for every project he takes on.

Flexible programming skills and an open-source development mentality are what makes him Left Right.

Carmen Viloria

UX Designer

As a graduate of St. Edward University’s graphic design program, Carmen has a passion for translating her clients’ needs into designs that tell a story. She is driven by projects that are centered around the human experience and how we interact with technology and digital design, making her a natural fit for UX design and interaction design.

Carmen is endlessly inspired by travel and history. Her recent summer in Australia taught her to see design through the lens of a different culture. She also gains a lot of inspiration from her vibrant Venezuelan roots. In her free time, Carmen loves to play soccer, paint, cook, and get lost roaming the halls of art history museums.

Carmen’s passion for the human element of design is what makes her Left Right.

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