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We teamed up with Austin Design Week to share mindful and refreshing editorial content with the rest of the creative community.

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Austin Design Week blog and social content at a glance


Austin Design Week is a weeklong event filled with various studio tours, workshops, and speaker series. 2017’s theme was “Finding Place,” which focused on helping the Austin creative community discover where they fit into the ever-changing design landscape.

With 60 events scheduled — nearly double from last year’s inaugural debut — Austinites, travelers, creatives, and non-creatives had the opportunity to learn from designers and makers throughout the city. Gaining exposure through content marketing was crucial to attract a larger audience and make the second annual event even more successful than the first.

Gaining exposure through content marketing was crucial

The ADW blog featured designers from all disciplines.


Our Austin Design Week content strategy consisted of a mix of creative influencers, useful resources, and think pieces on the latest design trends. We wanted to grow the Austin creative community by speaking to its inclusivity, so we featured changemakers in every creative realm — from interior design and architecture to graphic design, UX/UI, and fashion design.

We developed various recurring columns that gained popularity both on the blog and social media. Inspiration Friday —posted every Friday— allowed designers to reveal where and how they seek inspiration that influences their work. We also conducted one-on-one interviews for Design Phase Zero, which exposed various designers’ steps through their unique creative design processes before beginning their next big project. Additionally, we published influencer features, where we dove into the mind of designers who detailed their work, the future of their realm of design, and important advice they received along the way.

We wanted to grow the Austin creative community by speaking to its inclusivity

Featured designers on the ADW blog


Austin Design Week saw 2,391 unique reservations (a 100+% increase from 2016) and 1,194 unique attendees (a 41% increase from 2016). Those who participated attended roughly 1.6+ events.

Our content marketing efforts helped drive a drastic increase in ADW RSVPs, attendees, and site visits. We successfully exposed local art, design, creativity, and the people that make it all happen to the rest of the Austin community.

Austin Design Week saw 2,391 unique reservations—a 100+% increase from 2016

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