Bee Culture

America’s #1 Beekeeping Magazine gets a modern makeover.

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As the #1 beekeeping magazine in the US, Bee Culture struggled to gain subscribers among a younger generation. Bee Culture wanted a digital solution to bring their magazine to a wider audience.

Build a magazine app and refresh the website to reach a younger audience.


We identified that even though beekeeping has emerged as a popular trend, the new generation of young beekeepers weren’t connecting with the print magazine and a recent web redesign did not help them reach the goals they hoped for. Our solution directly targeted a younger generation that accesses information on mobile. We made a website that was responsive and automatically formatted on every device, from a desktop computer to an iPhone. We brought their magazine to mobile with an interactive app, so subscribers could more easily access the vast archive of Bee Culture resources.

Modernize and move to mobile.


Since the launch of the mobile edition and redesigned website, Bee Culture’s website traffic has quadrupled and email subscribers and mobile downloads have grown dramatically. Bee Culture now has more channels to keep its audience engaged, as well as more advertising and marketing capabilities for the magazine’s subscriptions, events, and educational resources. Their community of both new and veteran readers is beyond impressed with the new platforms we’ve designed.

Bee saw web traffic increase by 4x, setting the online beekeeping community abuzz.

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