Citygram Austin

Austin gets it’s first magazine app.

App Design + Web Design + Newsletter Design + Advertising Design + Graphic Design + Branding + Writing + Art Direction + Photography + Videography + Event Concepts + Print Design + Marketing + Strategy


Citygram Magazine sought to celebrate the people and stories behind Austin’s creative culture in a brand new digital way. It’s goal was to fill a gap in the publishing industry where most publications were either just in print, or only had static PDF versions in digital. It aimed to connect Austin to the growing landscape for food, art and culture through interactivity and multimedia in an app that readers could access anywhere – from their smartphone, tablet or desktop. 

Bring Austin a digital magazine guide that’s useful, beautiful, and fits in your pocket.


Curated by the best photographers, writers and influencers in Austin, the magazine was engaging with beautiful content, interactive with multimedia, and could be updated weekly. We created an environment to connect readers to the content and the content to the readers. With communication tools like maps integration, call, email and share buttons attached to every article, our magazine app not only showed readers where to go, but it got them there.

Mobile-first was the answer, and with Adobe AEM Mobile, Citygram came to life.


It received national accolades, and only 5-star user reviews in iTunes, making it a model of success for the future of mobile publications. In fact, the design was so admired that other companies began asking if the Citygram design team could help bring the same beauty and function to their business. From Citygram, Left Right Media was born.

Citygram was ranked the #1 Digital guide in the City for its exceptional design and content.

We are Left / Right.