Automate Your
User Management Workflow

Custom Entitlement
for Associations and Publications


Automate subscriber and member management (including passwords)

Control access to your subscribers and members with a branded user login portal. We can develop the APIs your system supports to verify subscriptions, individual issue or content access, and number of simultaneous device logins.


Digitally publish your PDF, InDesign and HTML articles

We develop custom scripts to convert your content or publications to responsive HTML that maintains the style and integrity of your design. This provides one file that you can use for the delivery of your content cross-channel through email, website, or apps.


Connect your CRM to your new digital app or content management system

We create custom integrations that work with your existing technology stack. Move your manual subscriber management process to a fully automated solution with a branded back-end portal. Or update any current integrations to work with any new CRMs or system databases.


Get a custom administration panel designed around the way you work

Every business is unique, which is why when it comes to user management, we offer a fully customizable admin panel that is designed around the way you work.

Your custom panel will provide you with advanced user account management capabilities, including:

  • Full Login System with Automated Password Resets
  • Custom Fields and Relationships
  • Group Permissions
  • Mass User Upload Capabilities
  • Mass Email Capabilities
  • Data and Metrics Reporting
  • Hosting, Maintenance and Live Support

We know that businesses change over time, which is why we ensure that your systems are evolving and up-to-date.

Make your content accessible on mobile and give your users a new utility and resource

We can help design and develop mobile apps for your business, publication, or association. From article-based apps, eBooks, and sales enablement tools to conference apps, we start our app builds with a personal workshop with your key stakeholders. A successful app needs to be more than a content hub, it needs to be a dedicated utility that satisfies the needs of your user base. Our team of designers and developers craft a unique user experience that is intuitive, dependable, and delivers on your brand promise. We don’t just maintain your brand identity—we enhance it.

  • UX Design, and App Development
  • Managed App-Store submission and Launch
  • In-App Purchases and Entitlement Logins
  • Convert PDFs and InDesign Files to Responsive HTML
  • Design New Publication Templates
  • Develop Custom Plugins and Features

Integrations are the future of business

Full system solutions aren’t always the answer. If you’re happy with your current subscriber management system, or utilize a variety of SaaS platforms, Left/Right Media has middleware solutions that can bridge the gap between your existing database and your software or mobile applications. Our software integrates with numerous cloud-based CRMs, database services, and even social media platforms. And if you’re looking to migrate your existing data, we’ll help you choose the platform that’s best for your business and your app.

Your subscriber data matters. Let’s unlock its potential with:

  • API Integration with many different platforms
  • Middleware for CRMs such as Salesforce, Sugar, etc.
  • Large Scale Data Migration, Formatting and Consulting


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