David’s Law Anti-Cyberbullying Pledge

Texas takes a stand against online bullying with a powerful pledge.

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In 2016, David Molak, a San Antonio teen, took his own life after being bullied online through texts and social media. This tragedy led his parents, Matt and Maurine Molak to develop the David’s Legacy Foundation, and start a crusade against cyberbullying. By working with Ina Minajarez, Senator Jose Menendez and many other legislative supporters, they created David’s Law – a landmark piece of legislation to criminalize cyberbullying in Texas.

After the bill was passed, David’s Legacy Foundation needed a way to spread awareness about the law and the dangers of cyberbullying.

Create a campaign to bring awareness and support for David’s Law, a new bill that criminalizes cyberbullying in Texas.


The Foundation needed a unifying symbol that could help spread their strong messages and put a commitment against cyberbullying into action for the public. The symbol would serve to spread awareness about cyberbullying in general, as well as speak to the young audiences who needed to hear it most.

Referencing the recognizable style of a text message bubble, we created the red ellipsis logo to symbolize the anticipation of receiving a text and the moment when a cyber bully is drafting his or her attack. We wanted the mark to be a constant reminder of the dangers of cyberbullying, and to do that effectively we knew it would also need presence. That’s when we decided that stickers – sized to fit on today’s smartphones – would be an effective way to pair the mark with a simple pledge and a memorable message. The stickers were designed to be cost-friendly and easy to distribute in schools and at events, with a removable back that would communicate the pledge message.

When a red ellipsis sticker is placed on a cell phone or computer, it serves to communicate to others,”I pledge to never use this device as a weapon.” We also developed supporting materials in the form of posters and postcards to help support the distribution and effectiveness of the campaign.

the stickers are cost-friendly and easy to distribute in schools and at events, with a removable back that included the pledge message


The David’s Law Pledge campaign has had remarkable success in the short time since its launch, and it continues to grow. The mayor of San Antonio, along with several notable congressmen, teachers, teens and celebrities have taken the pledge thanks to media support from the DeBerry Group, iHeartMedia and others.

The mark and its tagline has made a strong connection with school administrators from across the nation and in just over two months, over 100,000 Texans have taken the David’s Law Pledge against cyberbullying.

The David’s Law Pledge has been an amazing collaboration with many groups and individuals around Texas who have donated their time and support to David’s Legacy Foundation including The DeBerry Group, TradeCraft, iHeartMedia, bill authors and advocates, Senator Jose Menendez, Ina Minajarez, Jimmy Carter, board members of David’s Legacy Foundation, and many others who have supported of the Molak family.

Over 100,000 Texans – and counting – have taken the David’s Law Pledge against cyberbullying.

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