We Took The Pledge To End Cyberbullying.

David’s Law makes cyberbullying a criminal offense, and we’re spreading the word.

Join us in taking the David’s Law Pledge against cyberbullying

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place online and over social media through the use of technology. This form of bullying allows the offender to hide behind their electronic devices and social usernames as they spread hurtful messages to attack and harm their victims.

Recently, cyberbullying became a criminal offense in Texas under David’s Law. In 2016, San Antonio teen, David Molak, took his life after suffering the devastating effects of cyberbullying. Since his death, David’s family, the David’s Legacy Foundation, Sen. José Menéndez, Rep. Ina Minjarez and others have successfully made a substantial legislative change that makes cyberbullying a crime. The law also creates channels of reporting cyberbullying available in schools. Our agency has been honored to join the efforts of David’s Legacy Foundation by developing and designing the David’s Law Pledge.

The pledge is simple, and anyone can participate. When a David’s Law Pledge sticker is placed on a cell phone or computer, it serves to communicate to others,

“I pledge to never use this device as a weapon.”

The sticker is distributed in schools and at events, and The David’s Legacy Foundation will print and provide stickers to all who wish to participate. Participants are encouraged to show their support by posting the symbol on social media channels with the hashtag #davidslaw.

So far, over 210,000 Texans have joined the effort and taken the pledge, including celebrities and government leaders.

Joining us in the David’s Law Pledge helps us spread awareness of the new law and encourages students and their families to take a public stand against cyberbullying.

• Contact the Davids Legacy Foundation to request David’s Law Pledge stickers.
• For information on the rights and usage of the David’s Law Pledge logo please contact us at info@leftright.media
• The campaign is part a collaborative effort to fight cyberbullying and to support the David’s Legacy Foundation. Special thanks to the Deberry Group, Tradecraft, iHeartMedia and others for their support in launching and spreading awareness about the campaign.

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