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Design Thinking workshops are the way we’ve long approached kick-off meetings for branding, web development, and digital marketing projects. Now for the first time, we are offering these workshops individually for businesses and associations. Our design thinking workshops are an opportunity to step back and look at your business needs from a wider perspective – both with your core decision makers (often the CEO, CMO, and any key stakeholders involved in the day-to-day development of your product or services), and with our team’s diverse set of backgrounds and professional experience. It’s a chance for an engaged discussion (our personalized agendas are typically 4-6 hours) about your business, your competitors, what’s been working, what hasn’t, learning about today’s best practices, and finding alignment on the next steps that will take your business forward.

Design Thinking workshops are the way we’ve long approached project kick-off meetings. Now for the first time, we are offering these workshops individually for businesses and associations considering branding, web development, or digital marketing initiatives.

This new offering gives you a strategic partner to help outline and prioritize objectives to stay competitive in today’s demand economy – and setting realistic expectations on what it will take (and cost) to get there.

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Design Thinking, an approach that began in the 1960s, has emerged in the business world in the past few years (with many mentions and studies by publications like Forbes, and Harvard Business Review). Our workshop format is based on the curriculum and exercises utilized by the Stanford D.School.

We typically coordinate the sessions at your business – an internal conference room where the only needs are a whiteboard and a table and chairs for discussion. A personalized agenda for the workshop is prepared based off a short on-boarding call we will have about what you feel may be your top business goals or needs, and the competition landscape. Some popular exercises include:

“In order to survive in today’s complex world, organizations need to generate, embrace, and execute on new ideas. That takes creativity and a creatively capable workforce. It’s the secret sauce, or in evolutionary terms, it’s what keeps you fit. Organizations without it can’t compete.”

– Tim Brown, IDEO CEO

Rose, Bud, Thorn – In this exercise, websites or marketing collateral from identified competitors are reviewed by each workshop participant – identifying areas that are done well (roses), areas for opportunity (buds), and areas that are in need of re-work (thorns).

Stakeholder Mapping – Businesses are complex, and by understanding the inner-workings of yours, we can often identify solutions to help efficiency of your team overall, and understand bandwidth constraints for any new initiatives.

Abstraction Laddering – In this exercise, we identify the core meanings behind what your business does and why you do it. Looking at this as a team is where we may find opportunities for re-positioning or establishing focus around your core values and missions.

Additional time is also set aside so you may walk us through any current marketing materials, such as your website, white papers, brochures, publications, digital ads and social media. These can be reviewed on-line with your team – looking at these collectively after the exercises is a good opportunity to get internal feedback – and also more thoroughly from our team off-line, in consideration of the learnings gained about your business and infrastructure.

“Left Right Media was easy to work with from the very start. They took the time to understand our business, industry and differentiators – and brought that to life visually via our new brand.”

-Morgan Grevey, Marketing Director of Buildfax


After the workshop is concluded, our team will deliver formal documentation of all the exercises and discussions we had. This documentation will be hosted online on a password-protected page for reference  (preparation in a printable PDF is also available).

A formal scope of work will then be prepared for your primary objectives (such as branding, website design and development, digital marketing, API integrations with a CRM such as Hubspot or Salesforce, etc.) and any other needs identified from our marketing checklist. The formal scope of work can be used to negotiate any new projects within our service offerings, or you can use the detailed scope of work and materials to gather quotes from other providers.

Overall, the Design Thinking workshop will bring your organization together and align your key stakeholders around new objectives and primary needs of your business in today’s customer-centric demand economy.

Design Thinking Workshop for Executives and Associations - $3500

Design Thinking Workshops are one-day in-person engagements that include up to six hours of consultancy and workshop facilitation with at least four members of our senior staff. Also included is a preliminary on-boarding call with our Creative Director to align on your possible needs, and to build a custom agenda for all involved stakeholders. Travel costs are additional for any workshops outside of Austin, TX.

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