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For 14 years, Life in the Finger Lakes, a lifestyle magazine for New York’s Finger Lake region, has highlighted the best offerings from travel to wine for its readers. When other regional magazines began surfacing with new, clean, and navigable web presence, Life in the Finger Lakes needed a streamlined workflow to keep up, while having the flexibility to move from a quarterly to bimonthly publication. Furthermore, they wanted a way to archive their content and make it available on mobile devices. Working with Walsworth Publishing, we developed a digital solution to help Life in the Fingerlakes achieve these goals.

Deliver content easily – more often and on more platforms.


Taking the beautiful photography and editorial for which the Life in the Fingerlakes is known, we redesigned the website with a clean, responsive and navigable interface, archived articles, and added social media interaction tools. We then applied the same design to a new app to accommodate those who prefer to read online, while offering the same quality and content as the print magazine.

Add functionality in digital while preserving the beauty of print.


Web traffic doubled, advertising increased, and, through LRM’s training services, the existing design staff continues to develop and manage the new platforms independently. Life in the Fingerlakes’ new digital assets truly reflect the premier quality of the brand.

The magazine gained a whole new audience with the launch of their mobile platform.

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