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A New Mediation Service In Austin Is Launched With A Thoughtful Brand and Website.

Branding + Art Direction + Graphic Design + Web Design + Copywriting + Photography

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Nine Dots Mediation, a mediation company founded in 2017 by Attorney-Mediator Hannah Temple, needed a brand and website that clearly communicated the purpose and benefits of mediation. Our goal was to tell the story of her business and develop a brand that reflects the experience of working with her.

Develop a brand, launch a website and design collateral for a new mediation firm.

Nine Dots Mediation Stationery Suite


Our initial interviews and brand discovery revealed a strong need for public education around the topic of mediation. Many people don’t understand what a mediator does, why they should choose a mediator over an attorney, and at what point in their dispute they should utilize a mediator. We saw the Nine Dots Mediation brand and website as an opportunity to bring awareness of their service to the public in a modernized, beautiful way.

Nine Dots Mediation uses a facilitative approach to problem-solving, helping both parties understand all parts of the story. A forward-looking perspective on how the resolution will impact each stakeholder down the road is key to success. It was important that this approachability and trustworthiness came through in the brand’s color, typography and iconography.

Our initial interviews and brand discovery revealed a strong need for public education about mediation

Nine Dots Mediation Moodboard

The Nine Dots mood board featured an emphasis on color psychology. We chose blue and grey tones to communicate calm and compassion, along with rounded shapes to signify approachability.

Clean design, thoughtful copywriting and relatable photography were key to telling the Nine Dots Mediation story on the web. Our competitive analysis showed that many other mediators in this space had cluttered, difficult to navigate websites, so it was our goal to create a website that was informative with clear calls to action.


The nine dots game is an important symbol for Nine Dots’ approach to mediation. The game requires the participants to connect all nine dots using four continuous straight lines or fewer. It was a powerful symbol that made the process of mediation easier to understand — without literally extending your lines outside of the nine dots game, you could not successfully complete the exercise. The same is true for participants of mediation. A solution requires thinking outside the box.

We chose to incorporate nine dots into the logo to keep this symbol synonymous with the Nine Dots Mediation methodology and personality. To keep with the theme of approachability, we chose Filson Soft for the primary logo font. The typeface is friendly, rounded, and comfortable. When paired with cool blue and grey brand colors, the logo represents a trusted, empathetic companion that is here to help you come to an enduring resolution.

The nine dots game was a powerful symbol that made the process of mediation easier to understand.

Nine Dots Mediation logo variations

Art Direction

Clean, minimal design was top-of-mind for the design of the Nine Dots Mediation website. We utilized color blocking, scrolling text animations and pull quotes to make the content understandable and digestible. The Nine Dots website was designed to help potential clients easily navigate the process of mediation, what kinds of practice areas were offered, and how much services would cost.


We chose to work with Austin-based photographer Leah Muse for this project. Leah is a wedding and family photographer who has an incredible talent for capturing genuine, authentic interactions, specifically between partners and their children. We wanted the Nine Dots website to show the ease of genuine relationships to illustrate that mediation services can lead to positive, healthy outcomes for families. The result was light, airy photography that instills confidence and hope.

The result was light, airy photography that instills confidence and hope.

Leah Muse Photography


The Nine Dots brand and website helped successfully launch Hannah Temple’s new mediation practice in Austin. In Nine Dots’ first six months in business, Hannah has received an increased number of mediation inquiries, and her practice has been well-received by both clients and colleagues. Her online presence has effectively marketed her practice, allowing her to provide compassionate mediation services to families throughout the city.

Nine Dots Mediation website

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