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A compelling marketing tagline, bold art direction, and focused digital strategy give an Austin brand a national spotlight.

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Campaign tagline and photo production by Left Right Media


OLIVE+M, an emerging olive-oil based skincare line, contacted us when they were looking for a fresh perspective and approach -compared to the agency they previously had on contract. With new full-time hires on the horizon and an important fundraising round in the wings, we immediately began with the big picture thinking – working together with the owner on the marketing plan and investor deck. Working directly on the presentation format and design with the client’s organizational staff we were able to successfully create a compelling investment pitch that secured the startup their first large round of seed funding in our first month working together.

Olive+M saw a 10x increase in total sales for the month of November compared to the previous year.

Left Right Media worked with photographer Dagny Piasecki to execute the art direction vision.


With funding secured, we began to address the other needs we identified in a brand audit and technical discovery. Particularly, we saw that Olive+M was missing a key demographic (40-55 year old, married women) with their messaging, creative, and targeted marketing. We revised the brand positioning to address this market, and developed a marketing tagline for the brand that paired with a more bold and sophisticated art direction (featuring women across age groups and races).

For the photoshoot we worked with Dagny Piasecki – a premiere fashion and lifestyle photographer in Austin – to capture the essence of the brand. We also collaborated with Austin clothing designers, Esby Apparel and Miranda Bennett Studio, to feature the models in clothing that translated the feeling of the product, silky radiance worn with effortless style.

With photography and brand direction, our marketing and design team focused on production – rolling out creative through the brand’s many channels (website, social media, email newsletters, and print collateral). Digital strategy was key to the prioritization and launch of these initiatives. Particulary, we needed to setup the technical infrastructure – properly setting up the brand’s analytics platforms for effective data gathering and customer targeting.

Over the course of the next three months, we were able to develop an email marketing automation system, website landing pages, social media, and targeted Facebook and Instagram ad sets.

We saw that Olive+M was missing a key demographic with their messaging, creative, and targeted marketing.

Left Right Media managed the launch of two new products, including this new all natural shimmer oil.


Dedicated and consistent efforts in marketing and content generation kept the brand on our target market’s radar. Distinct yet unified campaigns around the launch of several new products (a Shimmer Oil and a Body Balm) provided excitement for those already familiar with Olive + M, and provided awareness for those that had yet to become connected with the brand.

Furthermore, a multi-layered email automation strategy and newsletter approach nurtured the brand’s key customers and directed new subscribers to the benefits of the product line —educating customers on how to best use the product.

The results were incredible. Olive+M saw a 10x increase in total sales for the month of November compared to the previous year. By December 2018, the brand had already realized more online revenue in the past three months than the previous year combined.

By December 2018, the brand had realized more online revenue in the past three months than the previous year combined.

Before and After of Olive+M website and art direction.
Before and After of Olive+M's instagram feed. A new aesthetic and mood board helped the audience to cater to a larger audience.
Newsletter, Facebook, and Instagram ads developed for Olive+M by Left Right Media.

Today, the brand continues to realize strong growth in social media followers (Facebook and Instagram) and also realizes month-to-month increases in overall web traffic and online sales.

When we met Olive+M, they were a compelling product, grown and developed here in Austin. Now, working collaboratively with their team as a Client, along with our network of photographers, we are able to give the brand a national spotlight (Olive+M was most recently featured by Good Morning America, Forbes, and New Beauty).

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