Penguino Travel

A new visual identity reflects a start-up’s mission of family-empowerment.

Branding + Visual Identity + Graphic Design


Penguino needed versatile visual branding that can function on a variety of platforms, running the gamut from digital needs to print collateral to product design. The logo also needed to act as an ambassador that quickly conveyed the clients’ core values.

Create impactful visual branding elements for multiple platforms.


Following an in-depth creative consultation, we chose kid-friendly fonts and paired them with an approachable yet sophisticated color palette. We then worked with focus groups to ensure that the primary brand mark struck the perfect balance between purposeful and approachable. From there, we developed complementary graphics that allows Penguino to further evolve their brand story and bring their logo to life.

Develop graphics that meet clients needs, appeal to target audiences, and allow room for growth.


After fully understanding the goals and visions for the brand, our team developed a logo, color palette and flexible branding assets that appeal to children and adults alike. The result was a modern and energetic character-based logo who not only makes you smile, but encourages families to explore together. Beyond its feature on the recently-launched website, Penguino’s logo is set to roam the world on travel boxes, travel journals and more to come.

Penguino inspires families to be brave and explore the world.

Let’s Make Something Great Together.

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