Torchmark Corporation

Designers make a spectacular internal app for the international insurance group.

Training + App Design + Consulting + Strategy


Torchmark Corporation, an international insurance agency, sought to bring their internal magazine to mobile, adding multimedia elements that invited more engagement among its community. Furthermore, they wanted to do it themselves. Having decided that AEM Mobile was the solution, they needed training from experts in digital publishing.

Provide AEM Mobile Training to create an engaging interactive magazine within a company network.


Due to the scale of the project and the teams involved, we developed a plan to work side-by-side with the client’s staff to guide the functionality of the app and provide them with an advanced education in AEM Mobile. On-site idea sessions and bootcamps, followed by continued consulting support was the solution, allowing the Torchmark team to independently handle the production process.

Collaborate, educate and support.


LRM’s core team worked on-site with Torchmark’s executives to conceptualize the app and conducted a 3-day AEM Mobile bootcamp to equip their team to carry out the design. From there, their designers created one of the most advanced AEM publications to date. We then added entitlement to secure their content for designated employees, and supported the team through launch.

In four months, Torchmark created one of the most advanced AEM Mobile publications to date.

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