A veteran-supporting software platform hits the market with a polished brand identity and an enterprise website.

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Your6‘s veteran software needed a brand identity and website that appealed to both military service men and women, corporate employers, and potential investors. The startup platform, a software that translates military records to civilian resumes, is an essential tool for veterans to successfully transition into civilian life after their service.

Your6 required a visual identity and website that immediately explained the platform and appealed to veterans and civilians alike.


Working in partnership with Red Fan Communications, we conducted thorough interviews with the founders and key staff of the company to understand their goals and mission for the brand. We used this information to develop a visual identity and create the right UX journey for veterans, employers, investors, and other individuals who visit the site seeking more information on the startup’s offerings.

The brand’s visual identity presented an interesting challenge in that the company needed to appeal to and reflect military culture, but equally demonstrate their authority in the tech industry as an innovative software platform. We chose colors to evoke trust and provided art direction to empower both target demographics. We developed custom iconography to visually guide users through their website customer journey, and produced a variety of responsive animations for a wow-factor that reflects the quality and high-level innovation of the software itself.

The challenge was to design in a way that bridged a communication gap between two very different demographics, which is exactly what Your6 does.


Following creative consultations, concept reviews and strategy meetings, we presented Your6 with a complete brand style guide they could use to visually define their company on all platforms. The brand style guide included a moodboard, color palette, primary and secondary logos, iconography, typographical guidelines and more.

We then implemented these design elements into the website wireframe we developed, bringing the Your6 site to reality. We added illustrations, animations and refined calls-to-action to support the user journey before launching the site in collaboration with the platform’s software developers.

Your6’s strong visual identity and website reflect the incredible mission behind the brand and enables the platform to reach and support our nation’s veterans.

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